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Reclaim your voice, body and power

I believe you are your own greatest healer, and my job is to bring you home to the wisdom that lives in your body.

As a trauma informed Somatic Pleasure & Relationship Coach I support people in creating and shaping their lives through their passion and desire; to explore and deepen their relationship to personal power and to deepen into their bodies capacity for pleasure.

I currently only offer virtual sessions as well as online workshop intensives, retreats and speaking events and mentoring.

I am LGBTQ+, body neutral, Polyamorous/alternative relationships and kink/BDSM knowledgeable and inclusive. Everyone is welcome.

 Come Home to



About Kat

I am deeply committed to supporting folks in coming home to their bodies and their capacity to heal & experience deeper more expansive pleasure. 

I teach folks to advocate for their own pleasure and build resilience, and guide them to deepen their relationship to personal power through developing emotional, sexual and embodied intelligence.

Bringing people home to pleasure and home to their core power is my purpose.

It’s a life mission that I feel in my bones.

it’s time that we reclaim what is rightfully ours.

Our bodies, our pleasure, our healing, our language.

You deserve to experience the rightness in fully inhabiting your own body.


I spent a big chunk of my childhood in and out of the hospital.

Having had 17 major surgeries as a child, I have a very intimate relationship with the medical system.

After spending years being led out of my body, feeling objectified, feeling that I always needed to be fixed, I finally began the journey of coming home to myself.

I had a powerful realization that my greatest healing would occur when I landed in my body and listened.

The more bravery and courage I had to go into my body and heal, transform, uproot old wounds and trauma, the more access to pleasure I had.

This became a life long pursuit of unraveling, peeling back layers of who I thought I was so that I could truly meet myself at my edges.

What I learned was that the body is brilliant.

It is always a beacon back to your truth.

It is the lighthouse guiding you home.

When we honour the story our body tells, pleasure and freedom become possible.

Your story and your body carry the medicine you need.


Love From Clients

" This course with Kat Nantz truly shifted my perspective on so many things in my life. I feel a sense of empowerment I have never felt before. It was an extremely cathartic experience. Kat really created a beautiful, comfortable and trusting space to share things and be vulnerable with a group of women that I have never met before, which is something I am usually terrified to do. She is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of what she does and you can tell she has personally gone through this work herself and knows what she is talking about! I felt unsure and nervous about taking this course, wondering if it is for me and worried I wouldn’t get as much out of it as I could, but this was truly the best decision I ever made. Kat has a wonderful ability to sense what it is you need to hear and accept about yourself. It was better than any therapy or counselling I have ever had. I have learned so many tools to implement into my life to truly better myself and create a life I deserve. "


" Working with Kat in the short 5 weeks we had together in her Womxn's course, was more profound and effective than any other self-awareness/wellness course I have ever participated in (and there's been a few!). I noticed the shift in my confidence and relationships very quickly. Kat holds space in a very powerful, strong, yet gentle way. Her presence and guidance creates a safe space to feel acknowledged, supported, and able to work through tough blocks that need to be released. 
Kat is amazing! I am so grateful for her integrity and unconditional love! "

-Jess. S

" Something got resolved for me in this course – I am responsible for my own pleasure, sexual and otherwise.  Sex can be fun, intimate, and adventurous. It doesn’t have to be ‘drudgery’ or part of the payback for women in relationships with men. Kat could not have done better in a 4-week group...

I could not have felt more supported. Kat made you feel like your presence mattered and that without any one of us there would be a missing link.  She even went so far as to call me at home when I sent an e-mail saying I did not want to go on the last night. I’ve never had this happen before and I was truly glad she didn’t accept my excuses. Most helpful and transformative was the ease with which Kat talked about all topics, never once making it seem weird or abnormal. Each group member was at a different place in their sex lives and I felt Kat set the tone for open dialogue and support. 

I have already recommended this course to at least three other women.

This course offered the best value of many other courses I’ve taken over the years. I’ve never taken a sexual empowerment course mind you but Kat covered a lot of ground and sexual pleasure in and of itself was not the centrepoint. At least that’s how I felt. It was more for me about connection, finding a tribe, honouring my individuality, and knowing there’s fun to be had and I don’t need a partner to get started.

Kat is heads and shoulders above so many clinicians, cognitive behavioral therapists, diagnostic behavioural therapies, and the plethora of other practitioners I have been to over many years. I didn’t envision a 4-week course on sexual empowerment could cover so much ground and bring together many strands of these past interventions. 


Kat is beyond her years and beyond the scope of feminist analyses many other learned practitioners adhere to. I only wish her course were available to everyone regardless of economic background (i.e., available through workplace insurance plans). She is a sweetheart, an inspiration, and a ball of fun. 


Succinctly, she's 'hell on wheels in a black dress'."  -M.M

" The impact of this course on your life is enormous. Life is so short and the days can, if you let them race by, one after the other. People have a tenancy to live life on the margins, printing lightly, afraid to scrip in bold ink the life they want.

Do people even know the life they want, know the limiting beliefs that hold them perpetually at the starting gate? Kat’s course helps participants identity what it is they truly desire in life. The course is so much more than sex, it is an invitation to dive within yourself, to fall back in love with yourself!

I was stuck in a cycle with my husband, where the sex was mediocre, and I believed it could only ever be mediocre, because that was our sexual chemistry.

The course has completed dismantled that belief! I say confidently that my husband and I are having some of the best sex we have ever had together.

What is so empowering about Kat’s course is the path to feeling better, to having better sex, to healing old wounds, to living life intentionally is all available in us. Kat’s course gives you tangible tools to use daily that help you show more authentically in your relationships. Kat masterfully helped me identify what I want, and then how to ask and create a life full of that!


- Tessa.L

" I can't express enough how life-changing Kat's work was, and continues to be, for me. Kat creates a warm and comforting environment, one in which all the women are invited to share in a supportive and caring way. Kat's ability to hold space for everyone individually and as a group is truly special, and the encouragement that her example spawns in all the women allowed us to be there for each other as a collective. The truly amazing part of this course is how Kat sets up each participant to continue on their personal journey after the classes have finished, and I'm in awe with what I've taken away from the experience and of the skills I have learned to keep growing. In a world that places little value and much shame on women's sexual experiences, desires, and needs, Kat has opened up a world of possibility, exploration and self-love for me that I truly needed. "

-Kate. B

Are you ready?

Reclaim your voice, power, and pleasure through embodied practices, workshops and retreats

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