Learn to fully inhabit your body again.

I've got some big things in the works wi

Coaching Packages 

         For individuals or couples

One Month Package

This package is an opening to new possibilities, an invitation into pleasure and more authenticity. 

Exploration of boundaries, where you begin and end.

Better understanding of your body and it's desires.

. This packaged is for folks on the more empowered end of the spectrum, who have already done similar work and are looking for a "tune up" or refresher.



  • 3 deep dive coaching sessions (60-75min) over 4 weeks

  • Somatic body exercises, trauma release, psycho-education, storytelling, body awareness, up level in emotional & relational intelligence and skills

  • Weekly texting/or email communication available

  • Guided embodiment exercises for home play

Your Investment:

$555 (plus HST $627.15) in one payment 

Or, 3 payments of $195 (plus HST $220.35)

*Sliding scale available

Two month Intensive

This package offers the opportunity to take a deep cut into patterns that are no longer supporting you.

Land in your body, expand into more pleasure & aliveness, reconnect with your power, voice, choice.

Build erotic and emotional intelligence for more aligned relationships with self and others.



  • 6 deep dive coaching sessions over 6 weeks - 10 weeks (60-90min)

  • Somatic body exercises, trauma release, storytelling, Autonomic nervous system teachings, pleasure exercises, self touch/partnered touch practices, sex re-education, building body awareness, up level in emotional & relational intelligence and skills

  • Weekly email/text communication available

  • Guided home play assignments

Your Investment:

$1110 (plus HST $1254.30) in one payment

Or, $380 (plus HST $429.40) over 3 payments

*Sliding scale available

 Three Month Intensive

This is full in depth immersion. This is the package most folks choose who are looking to heal trauma, do boundary repair, deepen their relationship to pleasure, or are new to somatics and body awareness work.

When we take this journey together, we're doing a deep dive into your own wisdom and healer to truly transform the way you experience your body, pleasure, relationships and life!

I recommend starting with this package if you haven't explored your relationship to your body and sexuality before, or if you're just starting your journey into healing childhood wounding, or are feeling like there is a lot to dig into.



  • 10(60-90min) coaching sessions over 10 weeks-16 weeks

  • Whatsapp or email check in's

  • Guided home offerings (practices and exercises that you take into your life)

  • Body language skills

  • Psycho-education and nervous system wisdom

  • boundary repair

  • Healing early childhood wounding

  • Relearning to play

  • Pleasure exploration and practices

  • Deep dive into understanding and unwinding trauma patterns that show up in intimacy

  • Befriending your body and the inner predator

  • Bodywork exercises

  • Discounts off of  boundary, kink, and couples workshops (15% off within the 1 year of beginning this work together)

Your Investment:

$2200 CAD (plus HST $2486)in full

Or, 4 payments of $560 (plus HST $632.80)

*Sliding scale available

There are very limited spaces available for 1:1 work as it's important to me that I am able to offer the level of devotion, commitment and presence that you deserve.

I only work with folks who are ready to do a deep dive into themselves.

Because of the nature of the work, it's important that we are the good fit so that I can support you as best I can.

Invest in yourself.

Say YES to freedom, pleasure and relationships on your terms.

Let's jump on a call and see if you a full body yes to working together!

** Sliding scale/trade available. BIPOC, trans and disabled folks will be prioritized.

**Refunds are not issued for no shows or day of cancellations.

**Refunds are not issued if canceling within 4 weeks of package start date. In the event of an emergency, please contact us as soon as you're able. If you choose to back out of participating for whatever reason, I'm happy to transfer your credit to a workshop or coaching program within the next year. Any cancellations once we've started the package are subject to forfeiting full investment.