Couples Intensive


Rise Together Couples Online Intensive

Next 6 week Intensive begins Feb 14, 2022

A course for couples who want to rise into their most authentic, alive, and free selves.

What if you could explore your relationship with a sense of Curiosity? 

What if your relationship were an opportunity to become more fully yourself?

Come together to heal personal trauma/wounds and transform your relationship.
Build erotic intimacy, create more freedom and ease, and deepen into more expansive pleasure with one another.

Our erotic selves have an incredible capacity to heal and transform.

Sex is the place where we can truly meet ourselves and one another, but only if we are willing to meet the edges of our sexuality and expand into something more intentional and meaningful.

This course is an invitation to get to know one another on a level that you’ve never met.

It’s an opportunity to transmute and shift the loop and current dynamic that keeps you feeling stuck.

Learn to:

* Understand the role of your nervous system

* Build your ability to read your partners body language

* Invite more playfulness and possibility into your relationship
* Unlearn harmful limiting beliefs about your sexuality

* Unwind somatic shame 

* Repair ruptured boundaries and trust
* Create a powerful container for your partner's healing

* Shift from conflict to deep understanding
* Awaken your ability to become multi-orgasmic
* Sink into pleasure within yourself and your partner
* Support your partner in healing old wounds/trauma
* Build erotic friction and desire in your relationship
* Express yourself from a place of love
* Feel more at home in your body 
* Communicate your deepest longings
* Find pleasure in your body daily

* Create powerful loving boundaries
* Find healing and freedom in your body
* Build deep trust in your partner and your body



Weekly Breakdown:

Week One is boundary exploration.

Where do you end and I begin? Deepening our understanding of boundaries, and how to do good repair when there has been a rupture. Boundary exercises and practices.


Week Two is noticing what dynamics keep playing out in the relationship and how to renegotiate those dynamics. Playful conflict exploration through games and exercises.


Week three creating more safety and deeper connection in relationship. Somatic body based exercises and communication practices.


Week four is all about body language and touch, and communicating our desires and needs.


Week Five is exploring the idea of safe enough, edgy enough, excited enough and how when those three are present, great connection and sex can occur! This week we talk all about sex. Why we have it, what is required for great sex to occur and how to bring more excitement and curiosity to our sex life. Touch games and play practices (fully clothed).


Week Six is a continued exploration of sex, anatomy, pleasure, building more capacity for pleasure/orgasm and how to deepen your bond. Depending on the class and what they’re curious about, we may explore the topic of kink and more edgy types of  sex.



This will be a deeply experiential course that will involve exploring bodywork, felt sense, somatic exercises,

touch exploration - solo and partnered - exercises.

This course is about slowing down and sinking in to yourself and intimacy with one another, while also creating a strong container to shift our of old patterns that no longer serve the wellness of your relationship.

If you’re a full body YES, join me in transforming the way you relate to one another!


Live classes will be held over zoom, and recordings will be sent out the next day.


Feb 14, 21, 28, Mar 7, 15, 21


630pm-930pm EST


$755 CAD plus HST Early Registration (ends Dec 1)
$855 CAD plus HST one time payment

$1200 CAD plus HST VIP for those wanting additional support ( Four  55min 1:1 sessions)

$300 Non-refundable deposit holds your space.

Payment can be made in full upon registration or in 3 instalments.

Sliding scale spaces available. If finances are a barrier, please reach out.

 Black, indigenous, disabled and trans folks will be prioritized.

There are reparation spaces being held as FREE admission for black and indigenous folks, please email me if you're interested at kat@katnantz.com

*This course is LGBTQQIP2SAA inclusive. All genders, relationship dynamics, and body's are welcome*


Cancellation Policy
Refunds are not issued if canceling within 8 weeks of course start date. In the event of an emergency, please contact us as soon as you're able. If you choose to back out of participating for whatever reason, I'm happy to transfer your credit to another workshop, program or coaching within the next year. Any cancellations less than 10 days prior to the event are subject to forfeiting full investment. 


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Admission fee for this course is $800 plus HST

Looking forward to supporting you!