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For women, Them's & Femmes with vulvas

Exploring your edges

Dunchurch, Ontario, CA
NOVEMBER 2-6, 2023
Thursday 6pm - Monday 9am

If you've landed here, you're probably longing for more pleasure, more body liberation, nourishing & erotic connections, embodied exploration, and more playful adventures.
You likely feel excited/curious to explore your edges and a bit nervous as well.
If this feels like you, you're in the right place.


Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 10.22.53 AM.png

This four night, three full day experience is going to be filled with a whole lot of GOODNESS!

The kind where you...

 lay around naked OR Show up in your sexiest outfit,

make beautiful and meaningful friendships, Learn about pleasure and kink,

eat the most delicious nourishing snacks, normalize

nudity, desire, and genitals,

prioritize pleasure, play, and wholeness.

The flow of the weekend:


You arrive Friday evening to a stunning space, you walk in the door and take a deep breath, feeling your body settle. No responsibilities.

You're here to let go of pushing through and obligations.

You're greeted with warmth & excitement and shown to your beautiful room where a swag bag of gifts awaits.


Opening ceremony Friday night, where we create a sacred 'safe-enough' brave container for all our playful and meaningful exploration for the weekend.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner and all your snacks are included, we pride ourselves on feeding our guests delicious and nourishing food.


You're fully cared for here. No kids, no work, no spouse, no cooking, no cleaning. You wont tidy a thing, clean a dish, or take care of anyone else. We are in service to YOU.


Prepare to be celebrated, to be honoured and seen in your most honest truth.


The space is nude inclusive space where your whole self is welcome to roam about naked, in your robe, in lingerie, or in your sweats! Whatever you're most comfortable in.


Judgment and shame-free environment. You're free to be your most authentic self here. Wether you're telling your juiciest stories, sharing body image challenges, or exploring a long forgotten side of yourself, all of you is welcome here. 


Connecting, healing, playful workshops on Saturday and Sunday where we explore our relationship to our body's and pleasure, boundaries/containment, the anatomy of pleasure, and inviting your playful self out.


Nude genital gazing and guided stroking and masturbation workshop! This portion is optional. For those wanting to opt out, there will be an alternative adventure planned for you. 


Free time to connect to self and others, depending on what your speed is. Have some alone time sun-bathing naked and reading that book you keep meaning to get to, or sit by the pond with your new pals and share stories and laughs.


Enjoy a walk in the forest, hang out in the hot tub, or play an instrument by the fire!


Closing ceremony where we acknowledge each of you for your bravery, vulnerability and for choosing yourself in a very big & bold way!




Daily Breakdown...



6:00pm: Arrive at the gorgeous, luxurious retreat space where you'll be welcomed by Kat & our committed team. We'll carry your bags in, show you to your beautiful room, where a swag bag will be waiting

7pm: Opening ceremony to create the container for our weekend explorations

7:30pm: Enjoy a delicious, nourishing meal around the table with wonderful company



8:30-10am: Wake at your own pace, an assortment of yummy breakfast foods will be served

10:30am-1:30pm: First workshop, we'll be exploring somatic boundary exercises

1:30pm-2:30pm: Indoor picnic by the fire!

3:00pm-5:30pm: Free time to lounge about, go for a hike, hot tub, hang out, have a midday nap! 

5:30pm-7pm: PLAY workshop, learn to let your inner toddler out (Come ready to play like a big kid!) 

7:30pm-9pm: Delicious dinner is served around the community table, let's share food, laughs, and stories



8:30-10am: breakfast!

10:30am-1pm: Unstructured time! Lounge about, nap, play games with new pals!

1-2pm: Lunch time!

2:30-4:30pm: Partnered somatic holds and containing touch

4:30-6pm: What is our relationship to our body? Embodiment exploration!

6-7pm: Unstructured time

7pm-8:30pm What magical meal will we eat this time? Whatever it is, it will be a sensory overload of goodness!



8:30-10am: Breakfast is served!

10am-12:30am: Free time to make new connections, head to the lake for a cold plunge, read a book by the fireplace, go for a walk in the forest, enjoy the hot tub

12:30pm-1:30pm: Delicious lunch made by our in house chef Kate!

2pm-7pm: PLEASURE CHURCH genital gazing and de-armouring, and guided masturbation workshop! (Or, alternative adventure for those feeling that they've already met their edge for the weekend!)

7pm: Closing ceremony and our last dinner together!

8:30pm: You're free to head out Sunday night or early Monday morning.



7:30- 9am: Continental breakfast & packing up to leave

9am: Check out (time is firm).


How many times in your life can you say you felt fully cared for?

Where someone was showing up in full devotion and service to your joy and pleasure?


This is what is being offered here. 


We are rewriting the script of relating. 

We're trading in enduring, pushing through, feeling obligated for full reverence, devotion to self and other, being our most honest and true selves.


Join us for a weekend of liberation, play, pleasure and connection.


Come be adorned,

allow us to show up in reverence to you, say YES to adoration, pleasure and play!


Join us in beautiful Dunchurch, Ontario, CA

November 2nd - 6th, 2023

Hi, I'm Kat Nantz


I'm a somatic sex coach & Somatic Experiencing trained at the Advanced level. My passion is bringing more pleasure and freedom to folks who struggle to be in their body or who have experienced trauma (Hint! This is most of us!).

20 years of planning  group experiences of all kinds, kink parties, women's re-wilding events, being in nude spaces, group facilitation, exploring pleasure & arousal, working with 100's of people 1:1 and in groups created the unique life experience and learnings that had me dream up this beautiful liberating retreat

It is an incredible privilege to be a trusted guide in this work. I feel deeply honoured to hold folks in their most tender moments, to return them home to their body's and pleasure, to witness them in their bravest and scariest moments of becoming. 

I offer this work because it transformed my life, completely. I hope it will offer you the same gifts.

This four night retreat is not for the faint of heart...
We are showing up in this space together to shift what it means to be in relationship with our body, the erotic, community, to blur the lines between friendship and intimate relationships.
If you want to do something BOLD, something inspired, something that will feel life giving and life changing, this is it.


Three FULL days of connection, pleasure, freedom, liberation, and play!

What's included:


Opening & closing ceremony, curated workshops on boundaries, somatic holds and exercises, pleasure, play, and self devotion facilitated & lead by Sex Coach & trauma practitioner Kat Nantz.

Nourishing Food

 Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and all snacks are provided by us. While you're nourishing your soul & heart, we will nourish your body with delicious food

Warm Space

Join us at a stunning cottage with natural light pouring in. Look out at the magical forest and the lake.

Swag Bag

Tote bag full of self care and pleasure products from some of Kat's favourite brands!


Cultivate new friendships and deepen into community.

Not many of us have had the experience of deep, intimate connecting, healing friendship, where we can be naked and bare it all (literally and figuratively) with friends. We are rewriting the script of friendship here.


This space is for you. It's a reclamation of our wilder selves, our most true selves. You don't have to put parts of yourself away here. All of you is welcome.


No cooking, no cleaning, no spouses or kids. We are here to serve you so you can relax, play and be cared for.

We will have a team of 4 support staff who will be on call to make sure all your needs are cared for.


The space includes a Hot tub, sauna, and stunning access and view of the lake and lush forest!

How many times in your have you danced at your erotic edges?
Where you embodied and felt celebrated for being in your glorious animal body?
How often have you followed your erotic, curious impulses?

This is what is being offered here. 

We are rewriting the script of relating. 
We're trading in enduring, pushing through, feeling obligated for full reverence, erotic playfulness, devotion to self and other, being our most honest and true selves.

Join us for a day of liberation, play, pleasure and connection.

Come be adorned, meet your erotic edge,
allow us to show up in reverence to you,
say YES to adoration, pleasure and play!

Join us on NOVEMBER 2-6 in Dunchurch, Ontario for FOUR nights of body liberation

Come set yourself free.
All you need to do is bring your body.