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Undomesticate your wild erotic nature.

Most of us have spent most of our lives being led away from the wisdom we hold in our bodies, being told someone else is the authority on our lives.

From a very young age the process of becoming domesticated begins, our wild playful, creative nature begins to fade away from us and we become someone else to survive the world.

What if you could reclaim a sense of wholeness?

What if you could re-wild the playful, curious parts of yourself?

What if you could lead your life with curiosity and pleasure?

Clients have experienced:

* Feeling more authentic, more embodied, more alive

* Able to fully know and honour their boundaries

* The ability to understand and name what's happening in their body

* More capacity to experience  pleasure and become multi-orgasmic

* Skills in negotiating and communicating needs and desires for the exact relationship they want and deserve

* Feeling safe and at home in their body

* Knowing how to lead their life with curiosity and invite pleasure in

* Having healed personal, generational and cultural wounds 

* Having more access to core wisdom & intuition

* With a new more empowering narrative in their own reclaimed language

* Relationships and erotic life completely on their own terms


You can heal yourself.

You are worthy of more.

You deserve a life full of pleasure.

The body doesn't lie.

What is the story your body is telling?

Where does your body want to go?

How can we honour the core messaging?

Bringing you back to your body and power through somatic awareness and self discovery in a non-judgmental sacred space gives you the freedom to explore your true self.

Pull back all the layers of who you thought you were to awaken

and become who you truly are.

Sacred healing occurs when your story is deeply honoured and witnessed,

it allows you the space to feel fully held and able to create a narrative that is in full alignment with who you're meant to be.

There is wisdom that lives inside your body that is ancient and powerful.


So, What does a somatic sex coach do?


Somatic (Soma, meaning in the body) sex coaching focuses on restoring a sense of safety in the body, and building more capacity for pleasure and joy.

It's a collaborative relationship which invites your body into the process, creating an opportunity for your conscious mind and body to connect and re-negotiate trauma and old wounding, restoring the natural rhythm and wisdom that exists within.

Somatic coaching is about claiming your body as your own, claiming pleasure as your own.


It's an evolving dynamic process based partly on talking  and psycho-education, partly on working directly with what you notice in your body in the moment; using awareness, story telling, movement, breath, sound, intuition and co-regulation for trauma healing and connecting to your own innate body wisdom.


Together, we become curious about your body’s story – your  history, family, relationships, boundaries, life experiences, the way your body moves and feels – and how this limits you from or free’s you to be your most authentic wild self.


We explore your somatic symptoms and the story you tell about your body/life/relationships– and how these are interconnected to create your experience of your world. We explore how your rich history, health, job, relationships, trauma and what’s happening in your life now – come together to create an overall sense of what makes you who you are. 


Somatic Coaching is an invitation to reclaim your wild ways of being, your intuition, your aliveness, restoring the wild parts that have been domesticated, lost, driven out, put away, hidden, shamed, cast out. 


This work is based firmly on each person being/becoming self-empowered, directive and engaged in discovering body sensations – and tapping into what feels most alive in you in every moment. 


This work is an invitation to reintroduce the wild, wise, playful, embodied parts of ourself that have been abandoned, landing in your body and inhabiting it in a way that feels long forgotten.


Restoring your sense of voice, choice, and power is possible!

Claiming your body and pleasure as your own is possible!

The support I offer is deeply informed by the Somatic Experiencing model of trauma healing (trained at the advanced level).

My approach is sex-positive and body-neutral. I am kink/BDSM, non monogamy, LGBTQA+ inclusive and I welcome all genders, bodies, lifestyles, and sexualities. 

Together, we create a safe(r) space where you can connect to your pleasure, set powerful boundaries, explore fantasy, explore kink/BDSM, navigate consensual non-monogamy, come back to your body with somatic awareness, redefine sex, positive body image, deepen connection to self and your partner(s), sexuality and pregnancy/motherhood, live a more authentic life by design and so much more!

It is an honour and an incredible privilege to do this work. 

Know that in working with me, you will be deeply held and cared for.

I will always bring you back to your body, back to your own wisdom, while offering a safe(r) container and knowledge to guide you to the life you truly deserve.

In doing this work together we will be doing some heavy lifting, you can expect a unwavering level of devotion and commitment from me, it is important that you bring the same level of devotion and commitment to the work and to yourself to truly honour your journey, growth and heart.

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