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Embodied Boundaries:

Begins JAN 17/2023


Embodied Boundaries: Contained is about showing up right sized in big situations, feeling contained within yourself, feeling settled in your body, feeling into the power of your ‘no’.


One of the best things you can do for your body, life, and relationships is to become fiercely courageous in knowing and honouring your boundaries, and deeply compassionate in honouring others.

But so many of us never had a healthy example of boundaries and limits, we grew up learning that our needs were too much or not safe.

This is why I created this course.

When we have a strong sense of self, and a strong sense of our boundaries and needs, the things you’ve learned to tolerate will become intolerable.

Enduring will become harder.

Choosing yourself will come with more ease.

This course is for you:

- You’re unsure what your boundaries are

- You feel uncomfortable seeing others rest, play, take care of themselves/you have a hard time allowing yourself to do these things 

- You struggle to let folks in, to allow yourself to be cared for

- You feel anxious expressing your needs and desires

- You're a 'Yes' person and may feel resentful about how much you do for others

- You accept painful or harmful behaviour out of fear of losing the relationship

- You’ve been told you’re ‘too much’ or ‘too needy’

- You push the limits or boundaries of others

- You often over share and have vulnerability hangovers

- You have a hard time containing big feelings/you often feel flooded by emotion

- You feel numb or out of your body often

- You have a hard time honouring boundaries once you’ve set them/can be persuaded out of your boundaries

- You often find yourself trying to save or fix people/You're waiting to be saved

- You find yourself feeling ALL the feelings in the room (This is you, empaths)

- You are conflict adverse/ Or, don’t know when to step away from a conflict


"Boundaries are the distance at which I can love you and me simultaneously."
Prentis Hemphill

In this course you will...

  • Unravel people pleasing tendencies 

  • Explore self boundaries and relational boundaries

  • Build your capacity to feel the big stuff and move through it

  • Learn your bodies cues and how it calls us to honour your limits

  • Learn the difference between natural consequences and punishment

  • Practices to safely explore self protective responses

  • Gain a better understanding of your nervous system and the role it plays in self protection

  • Differentiate between passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour

  • Restore, maintain and negotiate your boundaries

  • Find the power in your 'No'

  • Build your container to experience internal safety

  • Learn embodied containment so you can honour your body's survival impulses

  • Rebuild trust with your body and intuition

Course Format...

  • ​Four weeks

  • 2.5 hour weekly live webinar (recorded for those unable to attend)

  • This course is very body based, meaning we explore all the concepts through movement, sound, voice, choice, play and touch

  • The classes are a combination of teaching, practices, breakout rooms/partnered exploration, and Q&A

  • Weekly home offerings and somatic exercises to take into your life

  • Private group community with volunteer support

  • Weekly email support/check in


Boundaries create more opportunities for pleasure, not less.

They let us know where we begin and end.

They keep certain things out (no!) while allowing other things in (Yes!).

One of our most basic boundaries is our skin.

It's dynamic, it breathes. It's our first barrier and line of defence against toxins while also allowing in the good life giving stuff. 

Our bodies are bounded by our skin, just like a cell is bound and encased by its membrane.

When we lack a sense of our bodies, our relationships are often fused and confused.

We lose the sense of where the other person ends and we begin, we merge.

It’s a loss of self.

Or, we become rigid. Struggling to allow anyone in.

Having a strong sense of boundaries creates a strong sense of self.

Becoming self aware of our boundaries, where they begin and end, helps us to repair them.

Sometimes we are meeting our boundaries for the very first time.

A strong sense of self creates safety, supporting us in feeling safe enough to express our limits and safe enough to take risks and go for the things we're a 'Yes' to.

Weekly Breakdown...

Class One (Jan 17 at 6:30pm EST): Explore the importance and necessity of boundaries.

Learn nervous system wisdom and tuning into your body's felt sense and self protective responses (Why we struggle with boundaries and how to befriend our inner protector AKA becoming a boundary badass)

Class Two (Jan 24 at 6:30pm EST): Finding the freedom (and pleasure!) in your 'NO'. Repairing boundaries with self and within relationships, and deepening our internal sense of safety through body awareness, touch, sound, and movement

Class Three (Jan 31 at 6:30pm EST): Learn the underlying desires and needs beneath your complaints, explore how you can build more capacity for being in conflict and how healthy aggression and self protective responses support happier healthier lives (knowing when to be firm/be the bear and when to soften in our boundaries)

Class Four (Feb 7 at 6:30pm EST): Boundary communication, what to say, how to say it and what to do if your boundaries are not honoured. Strategies for eliminating resentment, blame and discomfort in your boundary-setting conversations

PLUS two Q&A sessions Jan 19th and Feb 2 between 4-5pm EST

A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.
- Mahatma Gandhi



$455 CAD (plus HST) Full One Time Payment

(If you need a payment plan, please reach out. Happy to make this work!)

$755 CAD (plus HST) VIP for those wanting to do a deep dive with additional 1:1 deep care and holding. This option is great for those who are new to this kind of exploration or have a sense that they will need additional support beyond what is possible in a group setting (three 60min 1:1 sessions)

Couple rate is $600, if taking it together.

This course is open to all genders.

Limited sliding scale spaces are available. 

Black, indigenous, disabled and trans folks will be prioritized for sliding scale.
There are three reparation spaces being held as FREE admission for black and indigenous folks, please email me if you're interested at



Refunds are not issued if canceling within 4 weeks of course start date. In the event of an emergency, please contact us as soon as you're able. If you choose to back out of participating for whatever reason, I'm happy to transfer your credit to another workshop, program or coaching within the next year. Any cancellations less than 10 days prior to the event are subject to forfeiting full investment. Refunds are not issued if only partial course is taken or for no shows.

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