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FEB 22,29, MARCH 7, 21, 28, APRIL 4
Where we explore somatics/nervous system, body awareness, boundaries, sex, pleasure, relationships and communication.

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Group coaching with a somatic sex coach provides an opportunity to explore pleasure and healing in a safe-enough, supportive,  environment. Through practices that engage the nervous system, we can learn to integrate the tools of pleasure and connection into our lives. With the support of a group, we can learn to create a sense of safety within ourselves that allows for greater pleasure and joy.


I'm a somatic sex coach & Somatic Experiencing trained at the Advanced level. My passion is bringing more pleasure and freedom to folks who struggle to be in their body or who have experienced trauma. 

It is an incredible privilege to be a trusted guide in this work. I feel deeply honoured to hold folks in their most tender moments, to return them home to their body's and pleasure, to witness them in their bravest and scariest moments of becoming. 

I offer this work because it transformed my life, completely. I hope it will offer you the same gifts.





There will be a weekly 2 hour coaching call, where each person will have time for 1:1 coaching within the group container and an opportunity for learning through witnessing others 1:1 coaching time. You will have 8 sessions, you're allotted 1 missed sessions.


ROLLING ENROLMENT & Small group size

Rolling enrolment means you can join at any time! You don't have to wait until a new 8 week program begins. Each group is capped, giving each person a chance for 1:1 time.



We will explore boundaries, choice, voice, power, and pleasure. What is your relationship to pleasure? rest? Your body? Sex? How can you feel more empowered to show up as your full self in your life? Where do you struggle to communicate your needs and desires in relationship?



You'll receive a 40min 1:1 session  so we can better understand what you hope to get out of the program. After each group call, I will send along an email with specialized home offerings based on our 1:1 time during the call.



This 8 week program will offer you tools to self regulate & co-regulate, explore your relationship to your body, integrate somatic skills to support building more stress tolerance and nervous system capacity.


1:1 Coaching

Each call there will be an opportunity for participants to have "hot seat" coaching, where you bring your questions and struggles, and you and I will do 1:1 coaching within the group dynamic. The powerful thing about sharing in a group space, is that not only do you get the focused attentive 1:1 coaching time, but you also have several other people co-regulating with you and holding your story.


You are looking to join a healing community and build meaningful relationships, explore and deepen your relationship with yourself, experience being witnessed within a group, and benefit from 1:1 coaching with the co-regulation of a supportive group. This group coaching program provides a safe (enough) and nurturing environment for you to better understand yourself, grow, and heal.

"I've worked with Kat for over a year, taking several workshops as well as one 1:1 phone call. Her incredible ability to be present with me has been such a gift. I found her work life changing. To be seen and heard, to have words put to experiences/feelings/patterns has been eye opening. Her deep, deep knowledge about sex, sexuality, trauma and how they all connect has been a never ending source of inspiration and healing. In her presence I was able to uncover both painful things as well as my own inner strength. My voice. She has the gift to both be incredibly caring and deeply honest saying the things that need to be said to move blocks, bringing thoughts and internalized patterns of patriarchy, sexism, victimhood, and shaming to the surface in the most non-judgemental way. Overall, her space felt the most inviting, non-judgemental, open, and playful + fun yet safe space I've ever been in when it comes to group work. She lives what she preaches. That is a true gift. I can't recommend her work enough to folks who might be called to unleash their inner wildness, come home to themselves, or are looking for help to unlock the things that stand in the way of doing so."
- JK


-8 two hour group coaching sessions 

-One 40min 1:1 coaching session before beginning group program

-weekly home offerings in google doc


$600 CAD plus HST

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