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Queen Of Receiving

This course will teach you the art of receiving with an open heart.

August 20th, Live CALL 3-5pm EST 

and August 24th, LIVE Q&A 3-4:30pm EST


I want you to feel the rightness in fully experiencing your own worthiness. 

To fully heal the wounding that tells us we’re no good unless we are giving, giving, giving.

I want you to experience everything that is available to you in this life, all the pleasure, joy, care, devotion.


This course will show you the possibility of fullness & aliveness that becomes available to us when we really sink into receiving.

Fully receiving is your gift to the giver. 


It’s important to be able to occupy the space on either end of the polarity of giving and receiving. Just like Yin and Yang, there is balance, restoration, when we can inhabit the role of giver AND receiver. 


You deserve to be worshipped.

You deserve to feel like a Queen.

Just as much as you enjoy giving to others, others want to also give to you.

Imagine this…


You walk in your house after a long day.

Your partner greets you at the door with flowers, they tell you they are fully here for you, that they adore you and want you to feel like the Queen that you are.

You can smell your favourite oils and can hear the bath running, they’re making you the most glorious bath. You get in, they wash your hair while feeding you your favourite decadent treat, your favourite music is playing. 

Relaxed and cared for, you get out of the bath to see a massage table set up, waiting for you.

Your partner then gives you the most intentional, epic massage, giving your body exactly what it needs. 


This is an average Monday night for me, and it can be for you too. 


I get it.


You’re probably used to being the one doing for others.

You’re likely a “yes” person, often feeling obligated to say yes to things you don’t really want to be doing, we’re socialized and trained to be this way. 

You may not feel like you deserve to be worshipped.

You feel unworthy of being devoted to, unworthy of receiving. 

You’ve put your needs away, put your desires away.

It’s selfish to ask for certain things.

No one will say yes to your request.

You might think that you’re asking too much.

Maybe you believe you’re not lovable unless you’re doing the giving.



Whether you’re wanting to learn to receive compliments, support, gifts, service, or pleasure, we have to unlearn that we have to EARN these things. That we have to work to be loved, served, pleasured.


If you want to learn to love yourself, fully receiving is a good place to start. 


Every desire, longing, or fantasy you have of being served, loved on, cared for, pleasured, is yours to claim. 

And I’m going to show you how.

Your invesment:

$133 CAD (plus HST)

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